Just take a glimpse upon those eyes! They say that an individual’s soul, his innermost beauty and splendor is reflected by his eyes; those eyes in the portrait, they sure do the justice to that saying. From the eye of a photographer, that photo is one of those rare portraits that actually succeed to catch the subject’s soul, its inner grace in the lenses with such amazing veracity. Read the rest of this entry »


World Press Photo of the Year 2005

For those who are not aware, World Press Photo is run as an independent, non-profit organization with its office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where it was founded in 1955.
The organization is controlled by an independent management board and employs around 20 permanent staff members. The Amsterdam office acts as the hub for a network of professional contacts worldwide. The cooperation and assistance of people in this international network makes organising the contest, exhibitions and other activities on such a large scale possible

Celebrating its 50th anniversary year, World Press Photo has launched a digital photo gallery with the entire collection of the award winning photos till date. If you haven’t seen these already, just take a look at the World Press Photo winners. Some truly stunning (in all senses of that word) pictures.

The following information is provided by Canon Australia, who are one of the sponsors for the exhibition.


World Press Photo began with a competition, and even now the competition is at the core of the foundation’s activities. Held annually, the World Press Photo contest simply creates an overview of how press photographers and photojournalists tackle their jobs worldwide. It is the only international event of this stature, not simply just bringing together pictures from all parts of the globe but also reflecting trends and developments in photojournalism, and revealing how the press gives us the news.
This the 50th anniversary year the of World Press Photo foundation and in this occasion they launched a photo gallery which includes all World Press Photos of the Year to date, including captions and context, plus portraits and short biographies of the authors. From the iconic images of the Vietnam War to key photographs of more recent date, the gallery is a kaleidoscopic catalogue reflecting issues that moved the world in the last half century. While browsing through the full range of awarded images, it is easy to be struck by the visions, events and emotions illustrating the history of the profession of photojournalism.

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What makes the competition significant this year is the fact that for the first time the photos were judged in digital format.

What makes the competition significant this year is the fact that for the first time the photos were judged in digital format.You can check the digital exhibition here.