Still ticking..

May 28, 2006

You hear that music? Probably you can’t since you are bound to be sitting miles away from the source of it; a source that best be described as a wall clock that has been a part of the lives of every living being namely homo sapiens in this very spot of the gigantic city; a spot that I happen to share with a bunch of people and tend to call home. About the clock, its age is a mystery as I recall listening to its hourly musicals every single hour of every single day of every single month of every single year .. that goes as far as I can remember.

I remember the countless sleepless nights and the numerous mugs of coffee both spent and drank respectively, and not to mention all the cramming sessions or the to-be-submitted-tomorrow assignment chaos; I remember all the moping, all the grief and all the desolation; I also recall all the late night conversations with someone who meant the world to me; also recall late night gaming and a whole bunch of hurly burly. It’s really appealing how you can mingle so many things, so many experiences with just a mare few notes of music! Every time I listen to that musical, a buzzer is sent through the fleshy bolts and gears inside my brain that projects some long lost memory which might be of trying to finish a Stephen king before its three or finish the piece of code I’ve been working on or maybe the memory of being stuck on the “just one more turn and I’m done!” drill of just another one of those Heroes of Might & Magic fan.

Anyway, the “interesting-ness” of the month continues as we managed to pull off something that turned out to be a success which happens to include its own share of irony. Lest cut all the cryptic nonsense, shall we? Okay, the thing is that a bunch of people have been working to organize a seminar about career planning and related issues. In the end they managed to fulfill everything with much to celebrate and little to regret. As I happen to be a part of that bunch and also happen to know the sort of effort and strain that went with it, finally I can breathe with ease. The irony beside the completion was that we had big things in mind and had everything to back us up, but the respond from the people wasn’t really what we had expected. Possible reason: our approach wasn’t quite right in some issues. But hey! It was the first time for the whole lot of us for something of this periphery and in the end it was an achievement to cheer about.

When I sat down to write something for the blog and nothing specific came in mind, I heard those very familiar tunes coming from the hallway; so without giving the whole “writing- something-interesting” issue a whole lot of thought, I just started writing whatever came to my mind; and whatever that “whatever” part contains are facts as writing fiction is the kind of thing that best left to the gifted ones. Anyway, about the clock, it’s been hanging in the hall for as far as I can remember and I hope it will be there as someday someone (maybe my great grandchildren or someone) might be sitting on the very spot as me and will be drifted away in his own very thought stream, trying to decrypt whatever mysteries or whatever memories mingled within those tunes; though I doubt the very entity in question would care much about all these as it will continue to live through time and do precisely what it was meant to do: ticking..


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