So, here is the million dollar question for you: what is the best stuff in the word? I know that the response is likely to vary from individual to individual but I’ll just skip all the philosophical jargons by sparing you quotes like that and admit that no one can answer that very question without being biased by distinctive perspective, let alone me. So, yeah, I can’t tell you what the best stuff in the world is, but what I can do is direct you to a place, a place or rather a service called, The Best Stuff in the World (lets just call it TBSW for convenience). So basically what this site does is that it allows users to declare whatever they feel as the best stuff out there, which can be anything and everything starting from a certain computer to a certain drink or food. TBSW lets you to say what you feel is the best in any category, it also allows you to comment, and even declare if you feel there is something better then what someone feels is best.

It might seem like a stupid concept (seemed to me), but TBSW actually does a pretty good job at being a mix of social networking and voting with wiki style editing. Read the rest of this entry »


The concept of internet TV has been around for a while, but how a bunch of web sites, with streaming TV shows suddenly popped out of nowhere is quite surprising. Although I hate surprises, this kind of surprise deserves one of those occasional approvals. As most of these places actually use contents and services from some specific sites, I’d say it’s those “specific sites” that are must check-outs. Anyway, as every friggin day I seem to stumble upon another site with streaming shows, I was actually thinking of making a list of all those sites. But apparently some guy named Miguel Carrasco happens to have already written such an article. You can check his blog out if you are interested as its worth a check.  

Here’s something new and neat: stalkerati.  Just stumbled upon this nifty looking web 2.0 search engine that allows you to search *people*. By people don’t get the idea of long lost friends or better yet, brothers; though the concept of finding your long lost brother sounds pretty appealing at it reminds me of all those numerous Indian films about the same cliché. Anyway, instead of that Read the rest of this entry »

I must confess that I’ve never really had the opportunity to play around with Microsoft’s new Live Search; partly because of my pathetically slow LAN connection that makes it seem like ages for Live to work and partly because, well, lets just say being a long time fan of Google, I never *really* had use anything beside it as it pretty much satisfied everything that I would expect from a search engine. The thing with Google is that it actually goes beyond the term “search engine”, even which in such a sense that it’s a matter of time before the term “google” would have its rightful place as a verb in the major dictionaries.

Anyway, I’ve been playing around with the new Live Search , and I must admit that coupled with some excellent new features, the slick looks and simply the feel of this new search engine is quite a breath of fresh air. Read the rest of this entry »


May 11, 2006

There isn’t much to blog about; not much except for how much I’ve been enjoying the cool and elegant weather for a change in the damp and humid hell we tend to live in, or how delighted I was after learning about the sequel to God of War for ps2, or how much I’m looking forward to my classes next semester, or to playing Dreamfall :The Longest Journey , or Benoît Sokal’s Paradise, or watching the awesome line up of sequels that I’ve been craving for years, or the next football world cup (yay!). Okay, one second thought, there are so many things to write about that makes me feel (almost) lost about what to write. So this is like one of those situations when you have so many things to do that messes your mind up and you end up doing nothing. So I reckon I’ll just follow that particular trend and just post another one of those articles about “nothing”.

Anyway, here is something that is interesting and intriguing at the same time. Read the rest of this entry »

Fair is good!

May 7, 2006

It’s been an interesting semester; interesting in sense that is somewhat ironic to what I’ve been contemplating from the beginning. To begin with, it ended with a sense of abruptness while I expected it to be friggishly long one. And also what I expected to be a dreadful semester in terms of grades turned out to be rather competent. I managed an ‘A’ in MIS, which was pretty much expected as our faculty was (ahem) pretty impressed with my performance throughout the semester. A ‘B’ in accounting wasn’t what I would say satisfactory but considering the fact that she took only three exams and I happened to ditch one of those, its pretty fair. And I reckon my grades in economics were pretty alright too. So, I’m pretty satisfied with the way things turned out considering my faculties and their graceful approach (!) to the courses. Read the rest of this entry »

Hiatus (again)..

April 3, 2006

Weekend in review

March 31, 2006