So, here is the million dollar question for you: what is the best stuff in the word? I know that the response is likely to vary from individual to individual but I’ll just skip all the philosophical jargons by sparing you quotes like that and admit that no one can answer that very question without being biased by distinctive perspective, let alone me. So, yeah, I can’t tell you what the best stuff in the world is, but what I can do is direct you to a place, a place or rather a service called, The Best Stuff in the World (lets just call it TBSW for convenience). So basically what this site does is that it allows users to declare whatever they feel as the best stuff out there, which can be anything and everything starting from a certain computer to a certain drink or food. TBSW lets you to say what you feel is the best in any category, it also allows you to comment, and even declare if you feel there is something better then what someone feels is best.

It might seem like a stupid concept (seemed to me), but TBSW actually does a pretty good job at being a mix of social networking and voting with wiki style editing. Read the rest of this entry »