Bangladesh sure looks good!

March 29, 2006


Just take a glimpse upon those eyes! They say that an individual’s soul, his innermost beauty and splendor is reflected by his eyes; those eyes in the portrait, they sure do the justice to that saying. From the eye of a photographer, that photo is one of those rare portraits that actually succeed to catch the subject’s soul, its inner grace in the lenses with such amazing veracity. Those eyes don’t have the glamour of a supermodel but they outclass even those with just one thing, simplicity; ah! The sheer magnificence of simplicity! Those deep green eyes tempt you to glimpse upon the soul, the green eyed soul!

That amazing portrait is the part of a stunning collection of photos from a guy called phitar. What’s so special about that collection is the fact that all the photos belonging to it are actually subjects from Bangladesh! Some of those pictures are so stunning that you can’t help but feel the long forgotten pride of being a Bangladeshi. Some breathtaking portrayals of some amazing looking individuals that surround us but yet somehow tend to escape our eyes, elude us from their simple yet distinctive individualities; and in settings that we pass by each and every day, but overlook their candid yet artsy slant.

Stumbled upon this amazing flickr collection while updating my account with my browser bookmarks. It sure is a pity that I myself am pretty much oblivious of the kind of things that make up my bookmark list. Although some of the stuffs that dwell my bookmark list are utter crap, some are actually real gems. This one happens to be one of the latter ones. It’s a must check if you havn’t already it that is. Bangladesh sure looks good! Good? Naah… Even that’s an understatement!


3 Responses to “Bangladesh sure looks good!”

  1. Samara Says:

    That is really a great work. Never seen something so deep, so lively yet acutely painful. I am going to check the gallery ASAP…

  2. rneonoir Says:

    Yeah.. some rare treat for both the eyes and the soul.. I’m no photographer.. nor photography is my field of expertice.. but you don’t have to be a interested in photography to adore the sheer greatness of the pixels! A must see collection!

  3. Raj Says:

    I think Bangladesh can capture Burma with a very short war with limited casualties.

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