The concept of internet TV has been around for a while, but how a bunch of web sites, with streaming TV shows suddenly popped out of nowhere is quite surprising. Although I hate surprises, this kind of surprise deserves one of those occasional approvals. As most of these places actually use contents and services from some specific sites, I’d say it’s those “specific sites” that are must check-outs. Anyway, as every friggin day I seem to stumble upon another site with streaming shows, I was actually thinking of making a list of all those sites. But apparently some guy named Miguel Carrasco happens to have already written such an article. You can check his blog out if you are interested as its worth a check.  

Here’s something new and neat: stalkerati.  Just stumbled upon this nifty looking web 2.0 search engine that allows you to search *people*. By people don’t get the idea of long lost friends or better yet, brothers; though the concept of finding your long lost brother sounds pretty appealing at it reminds me of all those numerous Indian films about the same cliché. Anyway, instead of that Read the rest of this entry »


Pottering around!

May 26, 2006

Don't really feel like blogging these days. The excuse? The nice folks at the office make sure to keep both my mind and fingers (and everything in between) under constant workout, so constant that writing is the last thing I feel like doing after I’m back home. Not that I don’t enjoy the stuff I do out there, rather it’s quite the contrary. Just that there are so many things to do and manage all that in such a limited amount of time slot that it’s (almost) confusing as most of the times I end up doing basically nothing. For instance with all the ajaxified web sites fuelled by such slickness and elegance that I was really looking forward to bag a few AJAX tricks during the semester break. It all started off fairly well but later I got myself that day job of mine, and while I was at that I was intrigued by the magic of digital 2d arts, thanking to all the online 2d art communities and some amazingly talented people. Read the rest of this entry »


May 11, 2006

There isn’t much to blog about; not much except for how much I’ve been enjoying the cool and elegant weather for a change in the damp and humid hell we tend to live in, or how delighted I was after learning about the sequel to God of War for ps2, or how much I’m looking forward to my classes next semester, or to playing Dreamfall :The Longest Journey , or Benoît Sokal’s Paradise, or watching the awesome line up of sequels that I’ve been craving for years, or the next football world cup (yay!). Okay, one second thought, there are so many things to write about that makes me feel (almost) lost about what to write. So this is like one of those situations when you have so many things to do that messes your mind up and you end up doing nothing. So I reckon I’ll just follow that particular trend and just post another one of those articles about “nothing”.

Anyway, here is something that is interesting and intriguing at the same time. Read the rest of this entry »

Fair is good!

May 7, 2006

It’s been an interesting semester; interesting in sense that is somewhat ironic to what I’ve been contemplating from the beginning. To begin with, it ended with a sense of abruptness while I expected it to be friggishly long one. And also what I expected to be a dreadful semester in terms of grades turned out to be rather competent. I managed an ‘A’ in MIS, which was pretty much expected as our faculty was (ahem) pretty impressed with my performance throughout the semester. A ‘B’ in accounting wasn’t what I would say satisfactory but considering the fact that she took only three exams and I happened to ditch one of those, its pretty fair. And I reckon my grades in economics were pretty alright too. So, I’m pretty satisfied with the way things turned out considering my faculties and their graceful approach (!) to the courses. Read the rest of this entry »


May 3, 2006

Did I ever mention how much I hate it to sit around and do nothing? I simply loathe those moments when I just get to lay around. With nothing in particular to do or brainstorm about my mind tends to initiate its own series of silly contemplations and thoughts that leads to nowhere as I find myself trapped in a dead end somewhere inside my mind. As being some sort of a perfectionist I hate those dead ends, be that in a first person shooter or inside my mind. So, I need to do something, make my mind sweat for something and steer clear of all the silly contemplations. Read the rest of this entry »

Exam Blues..

April 17, 2006

It was time; time to tackle the exam blues, to rid the blank papers sitting in front me of the “blank” status and my abysmal grades of the “abysmal” stature. It was time to put the hard-earned knowledge that I gained from the cramming sessions I had to cope for the last few days to some good use and boost my performance to some extent as it was the last possible opportunity to do so. It was time to tackle the exam blues.

I sat there, about 55 feet above the ground, with a body totally still and a mind perfectly void as I contemplated how much I loathed these brainstorming sessions; this endless torment. I sat there, pitying myself for realizing the enchantment of economics just a touch bit late. I spent the whole semester running away from this particular subject and ended up with below average grades as the stalker kept haunting me and compassed my Read the rest of this entry »

I deserve one frigginly long vacation; that much I deserve to say after what I’ve been through and possibly will go through within the next couple weeks. I spent the whole last week developing a database system with the blend of features offered by Microsoft Excel and Access. As it was possibly the first time I actually got to familiarize myself with the features offered by those two applications, it was more like a trial and error kind of experience as out of every two hours I spent trying to cook something, I reckon half an hour’s worth of effort proved to be utile. But in the end it was a job well done and worthy enough to face the court of our dorky faculty. Read the rest of this entry »