E3: it’s a wrap!

May 19, 2006

I had my advising done yesterday; just the typical advising with bunch courses that were more like imposed upon for the lack of alternatives and are bound to keep me busy for the upcoming months. As the schedule suggests, my classes start within a week’s time. Apart from that nothing terribly intrinsic happening lately, just been busy treating my eyes with some of the amazing looking visuals ever to grace the screen. I’m talking about the e3 trailers. With everything going next gen and the new consoles from the giants, the e3 this year sure has been friggin spectacular.

Some stuffs were pretty much expected while some were not. Among the expected ones, crysis is what that I found most impressive. It was undoubtedly the most visually stunning game that was available. And there was of course the new and probably last metal gear solid title. The trailer looked so good that it wasn’t just two thumbs up, it was both hands raised to the sky while bowing on hands and knees before all that I hold true. Apart from the fact that the beloved members of fox hound seem to have gone through some big changes (i.e. snake with the moustache, raiden with the cyborg ninja kind of outfit), it was that good. Than of course there was the announcement of a new GTA title. It was a matter of time before it happened but what came as a surprise was that this time around the title will be available for both xbox360 and ps3 from the minute it is shipped. The biggest event of the show (at least for all the halo fanatics) was probably the trailer of halo 3, which looked as stunning as anything else in the show.

But the thing that got me all hyped up is the new title from ubisoft called Assasin’s Creed. Imagine a cross between GTA, Thief and prince of Persia with GTA without all the humor and cool cars, Thief without all the shadows and prince of Persia without the prince and a more open ended, more interactive world; that’s Assassin’s Creed. Just watch the trailer and check out the preview if you haven’t already.

What surprised me was how some of the most anticipated titles skipped the e3 this year. Titles like Resident Evil 5, Killzone 2 or Devil may Cry 4 that ruled the e3 last year (and probably made quite a few sets of jaw drop) simply didn’t make any kind of appearance this time. The fact that Dragon Age wasn’t there was pretty much expected as I’m a regular visitor in the official dragon age community boards and have been up-to-date with all the development information. Seems it’ll be quite a while before I get to have my hands on the “next-gen” baldurs gate.

Anyway, for now the best I can do is treat my eyes and cope with the long sighs coming directly from my heart as the first thing I’m supposed to do is modify my pathetic pc to a reasonable (and respectable) state so that it can at least take the load of the term “next-gen”.


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