April 22, 2006

Just over 35 years ago, Dhaka was all but devoid of peace and tranquility by what came to be known as the biggest genocide of the history of the country and not to mention the subsequent consequences. 35 years later, the news are much less earth-shattering yet equally agonizing as we stand in the same soil and witness the people who are supposed to gracefully lead the country actually taking sides based on individual ethics and benefits, and continue to play their game of cat and mouse. With one group of people doing ‘god-knows-what’ to the country and another group of people replying the first group with their own version of what I termed as ‘god-knows-what’. And ironically enough, the general people have really nothing to do but to play the dumb witness and the role of the guinea pig as abyss itself spawns it’s root in the base of the country that we came to both love and hate, both for good reasons that is. Anyway, I don’t really feel like go on blabbering about all this political or ethical jargons as I couldn’t care less about the fact whoever is running the country and whoever is not. As long as I get to live a decent life and proudly announce that I’m from this country, all is fine from my side. But I wonder if all the people involved in the cat and mouse game actually realize how the general people are being tormented both organically and psychologically as they continue the chase for the wild goose. Read the rest of this entry »


Exam Blues..

April 17, 2006

It was time; time to tackle the exam blues, to rid the blank papers sitting in front me of the “blank” status and my abysmal grades of the “abysmal” stature. It was time to put the hard-earned knowledge that I gained from the cramming sessions I had to cope for the last few days to some good use and boost my performance to some extent as it was the last possible opportunity to do so. It was time to tackle the exam blues.

I sat there, about 55 feet above the ground, with a body totally still and a mind perfectly void as I contemplated how much I loathed these brainstorming sessions; this endless torment. I sat there, pitying myself for realizing the enchantment of economics just a touch bit late. I spent the whole semester running away from this particular subject and ended up with below average grades as the stalker kept haunting me and compassed my Read the rest of this entry »

So, here goes another 11th April! What makes this day so special happen to be two simple facts; firstly, it’s one those rare few days that I love to hate and hate to love, and secondly, it happens to be my birthday (!!), which actually pretty much explains why the first fact is there. So, yeah, it’s my birthday today! About a (bit less than) couple decades back in this date I was gifted with this unique organic, structural and spiritual constitution that I’ve been carrying around since and not to mention nourishing it in such a way that has resulted the current living-breathing-flesh n’blooded me. Read the rest of this entry »

I deserve one frigginly long vacation; that much I deserve to say after what I’ve been through and possibly will go through within the next couple weeks. I spent the whole last week developing a database system with the blend of features offered by Microsoft Excel and Access. As it was possibly the first time I actually got to familiarize myself with the features offered by those two applications, it was more like a trial and error kind of experience as out of every two hours I spent trying to cook something, I reckon half an hour’s worth of effort proved to be utile. But in the end it was a job well done and worthy enough to face the court of our dorky faculty. Read the rest of this entry »

Hiatus (again)..

April 3, 2006