Weekend in review

March 31, 2006



Just take a glimpse upon those eyes! They say that an individual’s soul, his innermost beauty and splendor is reflected by his eyes; those eyes in the portrait, they sure do the justice to that saying. From the eye of a photographer, that photo is one of those rare portraits that actually succeed to catch the subject’s soul, its inner grace in the lenses with such amazing veracity. Read the rest of this entry »

“Chaos” happens to be one of my most favorite words from the English dictionary. Maybe my fanciness towards this particular word has something to do with the way I tend to lead my life and not to mention every other thing that goes with it. Isn’t it fascinating how simply you can term a subject of such immense periphery with such a simple word? There isn’t really a better terminology out there that may substitute the word “chaos” with just as much meaning and sense.

I mean, just come on, even as I turn my back and take a glance at the room that I pride as being mine, all I see is a sea of crammed mess all congested together. Just the perfect reflection of the life I’m leading. A desk, piled up with loads of papers, notepads, books, CDs and god knows what else; a divan that is more of a compact and gaping kinda version of a closet, I don’t know what else to call it as it is rarely used for the cause it is there on the first place. Well,my dearest mom sometimes do take the initiative to rid the poor thing of all the stuff that it has to cope with every single moment of every single day, but (courtesy to me) in a matter of a couple days or so, all sorts stuffs start to pile up over it; just taking it where it all started from. Read the rest of this entry »

Say hello to AjaxWrite..

March 25, 2006

The new epoch is here! Finally the day has come when you can actually think of having a computer that doesn’t need to have a particular software known as Microsoft word. Bamboozled? How can you actually expect to use a computer without that particular application? After all every single computer out there has this proggie and for good reason too. When you think about it that way, people don’t even care about using a specialized anti virus software, atleast not as much as they care about having Microsoft Word in his computer. But this will change, or so it seems.

So, what’s the deal with the so-called term called the “new era”? The deal is that some new applications (both web and desktop) have shown the potential to outclass Word. OpenOffice.org is one of the desktop applications that have proven to be of immense potential. The best thing about OpenOffice.org is that it’s not only completely free, but also is an open source application that you can download from the developer’s site (with no strings attached). But the newest and simply amazing entrant into the office space is the introduction of a simply awesome web 2.0 application called AjaxWrite. Read the rest of this entry »

Brainstorming session

March 24, 2006

Can you feel it, the unruffled serenity and tranquility in the air? Do you hear the noxious resonance of silence, the deceased muteness? They say before the storm come the silence. Is that what it is, the tranquil aura that is getting ready to welcome the upcoming storm? You can’t feel it? Than obviously you are not the one who is imposed by a rather packed schedule of series of exams that are banging on the door.

It’s been a lazy kinda day. Lazy in the sense that after quite a few scuttling days I got to spend the whole day in a place I call home. Ironically enough, this home of mine happens to be one of those places that came to spawn a rather awkward combination of feelings; feelings those of both love and hate. Whenever I’m away from home, maybe sitting in the traffic and living the compact life of a chicken sizzling in the oven; or maybe in a classroom, staring blankly on the lips of the professor, hoping to read his lips as the words its been producing didn’t make any sense whatsoever, I really miss my the comfort and the liberty of home. And ironically, whenever I’m actually enjoying the so called comfort and liberty in home, I actually miss being in another place; miss the presence of another group of people. Read the rest of this entry »

Portable apps..

March 22, 2006

Say.. Do you happen to be one of those freaks who love to walk around with his beloved applications so that he can edit his files on the run, not bothering with the computer and its content that is to be used? Well, incase if you are than don’t take any offence from the term I used to refer you as I happen to be one of those particular type of “freaks” myself.

With all the assignments and project related stuffs in the university, I fancy carrying around a number of application in my USB flash drive these days incase I need them on the run; and not to mention my doubt upon the lab computers that we are supposed to use. So, I just consider it worthwhile idea to carry some basic applications such as a word processor or maybe a spreadsheet analysis software with me. The cool thing about these programs is that you don’t have to worry about installing them, just plug-in your USB device and they are ready for you to use. These Portable Applications range from operating systems to even Games, from CD/DVD burning tools to web development applications. Pretty nifty, don’t you reckon?

Wikipedia.org has published a really nice list of useful portable applications that can be run from a portable device with ease. Read the rest of this entry »


March 21, 2006

So, after a hiatus of two days, here I am once again back in the web community. As my connection wasn’t available for the last couple days; it was a hiatus that wasn’t really intended but was rather imposed upon me. So, rather than looking for potential recruits for my bookmark list, I got to spend quite a bit of time napping and watching Bangladesh beat the crap out of Kenya, a rare treat provided that you are a Bangladeshi fan… Read the rest of this entry »