Streaming media and stalking with style

May 31, 2006

The concept of internet TV has been around for a while, but how a bunch of web sites, with streaming TV shows suddenly popped out of nowhere is quite surprising. Although I hate surprises, this kind of surprise deserves one of those occasional approvals. As most of these places actually use contents and services from some specific sites, I’d say it’s those “specific sites” that are must check-outs. Anyway, as every friggin day I seem to stumble upon another site with streaming shows, I was actually thinking of making a list of all those sites. But apparently some guy named Miguel Carrasco happens to have already written such an article. You can check his blog out if you are interested as its worth a check.  

Here’s something new and neat: stalkerati.  Just stumbled upon this nifty looking web 2.0 search engine that allows you to search *people*. By people don’t get the idea of long lost friends or better yet, brothers; though the concept of finding your long lost brother sounds pretty appealing at it reminds me of all those numerous Indian films about the same cliché. Anyway, instead of that what stalkerati does is try and accumulate as much information about the person in question as possible and save the collected data in a profile on their website. Its search feature collects data from various sources such as myspace, facebook, friendster, a web and blog search and finally a photo and image search. Just keep in mind that some stuff that are neatly displayed in tabs will require you to have an account to see the collected data. Anyway, bottom line is that it’s a pretty neat search engine with a fresh concept; neat and nifty in a sense of greatness just for fun’s sake. A nice way for parents to have a peek on their kid’s “other” life in the internet.

I’ll end the article with a silent prayer of gratitude to the almighty being upstairs; gratitude for loads of things, but as situation demands more specification I’ll be more definite of the precise thing that spawned this sudden sense of gratification. That very thing is simply the faculties I ended up with this semester. Last semester was pretty much what I would fancy terming as “nightmarish” as I had to cope with faculties that made sure to leech every bit of hope of getting an A out of me. Although I must admit that its no point blaming the faculties as the grades I get is pretty much a summed up version of what I’ve been doing the whole semester, I reckon I’m in a position to blame my former faculties for presenting some really interesting courses so inappropriately that they ended up being deprived of the attention and heed that they truly deserved, just as I deprived myself of the decent grades that I could end up with. Anyway, it’s a new semester meaning new courses and also new faculties to go with them; and it so happens that I actually am pretty grateful with what I’ve ended up with this time around.


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