E3: it’s a wrap!

May 19, 2006

I had my advising done yesterday; just the typical advising with bunch courses that were more like imposed upon for the lack of alternatives and are bound to keep me busy for the upcoming months. As the schedule suggests, my classes start within a week’s time. Apart from that nothing terribly intrinsic happening lately, just been busy treating my eyes with some of the amazing looking visuals ever to grace the screen. I’m talking about the e3 trailers. With everything going next gen and the new consoles from the giants, the e3 this year sure has been friggin spectacular. Read the rest of this entry »


I must confess that I’ve never really had the opportunity to play around with Microsoft’s new Live Search; partly because of my pathetically slow LAN connection that makes it seem like ages for Live to work and partly because, well, lets just say being a long time fan of Google, I never *really* had use anything beside it as it pretty much satisfied everything that I would expect from a search engine. The thing with Google is that it actually goes beyond the term “search engine”, even which in such a sense that it’s a matter of time before the term “google” would have its rightful place as a verb in the major dictionaries.

Anyway, I’ve been playing around with the new Live Search , and I must admit that coupled with some excellent new features, the slick looks and simply the feel of this new search engine is quite a breath of fresh air. Read the rest of this entry »

Weekend in review

March 31, 2006

Say hello to AjaxWrite..

March 25, 2006

The new epoch is here! Finally the day has come when you can actually think of having a computer that doesn’t need to have a particular software known as Microsoft word. Bamboozled? How can you actually expect to use a computer without that particular application? After all every single computer out there has this proggie and for good reason too. When you think about it that way, people don’t even care about using a specialized anti virus software, atleast not as much as they care about having Microsoft Word in his computer. But this will change, or so it seems.

So, what’s the deal with the so-called term called the “new era”? The deal is that some new applications (both web and desktop) have shown the potential to outclass Word. OpenOffice.org is one of the desktop applications that have proven to be of immense potential. The best thing about OpenOffice.org is that it’s not only completely free, but also is an open source application that you can download from the developer’s site (with no strings attached). But the newest and simply amazing entrant into the office space is the introduction of a simply awesome web 2.0 application called AjaxWrite. Read the rest of this entry »

Portable apps..

March 22, 2006

Say.. Do you happen to be one of those freaks who love to walk around with his beloved applications so that he can edit his files on the run, not bothering with the computer and its content that is to be used? Well, incase if you are than don’t take any offence from the term I used to refer you as I happen to be one of those particular type of “freaks” myself.

With all the assignments and project related stuffs in the university, I fancy carrying around a number of application in my USB flash drive these days incase I need them on the run; and not to mention my doubt upon the lab computers that we are supposed to use. So, I just consider it worthwhile idea to carry some basic applications such as a word processor or maybe a spreadsheet analysis software with me. The cool thing about these programs is that you don’t have to worry about installing them, just plug-in your USB device and they are ready for you to use. These Portable Applications range from operating systems to even Games, from CD/DVD burning tools to web development applications. Pretty nifty, don’t you reckon?

Wikipedia.org has published a really nice list of useful portable applications that can be run from a portable device with ease. Read the rest of this entry »

Blogs are undoubtedly one of the hottest web publishing formats there is. With both the numbers of bloggers and blog applications increasing every day, picking the right blogging tool that suits your taste can be both confusing and frustrating. So, as a blogger, before starting the fun of expressing yourself by posting folksy squabbles (ranging from personal to political), you have to outstrip things like selecting, installing or configuring your blogging environment. What makes this step so hassling is simply the long array of available options.

Online Journal Review has published an interesting article and also a rather useful comparison chart that compares some of the renowned blogging tools available. It also provided an article to help you find the blogging tool that complements you and your taste. Read the rest of this entry »

Goowy – The Web OS

March 17, 2006

When FutureSplash Animator became Macromedia Flash 1.0, everyone was amazed with its animating capabilities and amazing features. Macromedia Flash came a lot way since then but, the ubiquity of flash, which being one of the aspects that made flash such an immensely powerful platform, led to loads of “skip intro” buttons. These days you will see loads of annoying and bandwidth consuming flash ads in various sites. So, flash, being regarded as the future of the web at the beginning, had to cope with the accusation of degrading web surfing experience. Having said that, it’s also very much apparent that the above aspects are one of those rare few shortcomings that flash seems to have, as numerous impressively powerful applications have been built using the rich power of flash with creativity running wild. Some of these applications are so impressive that they can easily claim that they are working leveraging the full potential of flash. One such application is Goowy.

Goowy is one of those many applications that are taking advantage of the full power of flash. Goowy started as an email client but has since expanded into a full fledged virtual desktop suite. Read the rest of this entry »