Pottering around!

May 26, 2006

Don't really feel like blogging these days. The excuse? The nice folks at the office make sure to keep both my mind and fingers (and everything in between) under constant workout, so constant that writing is the last thing I feel like doing after I’m back home. Not that I don’t enjoy the stuff I do out there, rather it’s quite the contrary. Just that there are so many things to do and manage all that in such a limited amount of time slot that it’s (almost) confusing as most of the times I end up doing basically nothing. For instance with all the ajaxified web sites fuelled by such slickness and elegance that I was really looking forward to bag a few AJAX tricks during the semester break. It all started off fairly well but later I got myself that day job of mine, and while I was at that I was intrigued by the magic of digital 2d arts, thanking to all the online 2d art communities and some amazingly talented people. So, there I was, being amidst a cross interest kinda thing. Being the obsessive kind, these kinds of pursuit requirements tend to bring the (not so) occasional headaches. These are just a mare coupe things from the countless ventures that spells my version of the term “life”.

Anyway, the last couple weeks have been somewhat special for the geeks down here. Firstly, our graceful Prime Minister *finally* found some time off from her *hectic* schedule and inaugurated the much anticipated submarine cable. So, finally Bangladesh gets to be connected to the (literal) information super highway. That certainly is a good news, but the irony beside this so-called-good-news is that we were supposed to rejoice upon this news about 10 years back. Unfortunately enough, the rejoicing is taking place 10 years later because some moron had an “impression” which I don’t feel like mentioning here as it might disgrace even the silliest of ideas. Anyway, unfortunately enough (again!) that moron happened to be one of those people who were supposed to run the country (and everything that goes with it). Now, around ten years have passed and finally that “impression” is vaporware while it finally happened. I just wonder if that idiotic moron realizes the meaning of the number “ten” and the word “years” beside it.

Last week was also special for another reason, which may not captivate a lot of people but did captivate me. Microsoft just released its Visual Studio.NET 2005 in Bangladesh. They arranged a launching ceremony for it and invited a bunch of people who are associated with the IT department of the country, namely the developers. I was fortunate to be one of those invited ones. I did enjoy the ceremony (and had top bunk a class for it) although it wasn’t really interesting as most of the stuff the discussed were pretty much elementary level (which I did mention in the feedback later). I wonder if Microsoft actually underestimates the local developers as it seemed like that with the presentations they did in the ceremony. But I enjoyed it none the less.

Anyway, my classes have just started and so far it seems I’ve been pretty lucky with the faculties this time around though I got the feeling they are going to bleed us dry for the good grades. Just looking forward to another hectic kind of semester, which I don’t think my faculties will deprive me of!


2 Responses to “Pottering around!”

  1. dipu Says:

    wow .. seems u r the one of the bunch of genius people who are associated with the IT department of the country ..but its not clear how they underestimated the local developers !


    [i became pretty much irregular in blog :(]

  2. rneonoir Says:

    lolz on genius .. not the term I’d use here .. Microsoft invited a couple people from the organization and I cheerfully decided to tag along .. it’s as simple as that ..

    I can’t say for sure if they actually underestimate the local developers, its just that the presentations consisted of some skilled developers giving practical examples of how coding is so much simpler with the new version .. those stuff weren’t really special and the things emphasized on were pretty much csc101 basics .. though i never took that course ;>

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