The slick and innovative Live!

May 15, 2006

I must confess that I’ve never really had the opportunity to play around with Microsoft’s new Live Search; partly because of my pathetically slow LAN connection that makes it seem like ages for Live to work and partly because, well, lets just say being a long time fan of Google, I never *really* had use anything beside it as it pretty much satisfied everything that I would expect from a search engine. The thing with Google is that it actually goes beyond the term “search engine”, even which in such a sense that it’s a matter of time before the term “google” would have its rightful place as a verb in the major dictionaries.

Anyway, I’ve been playing around with the new Live Search , and I must admit that coupled with some excellent new features, the slick looks and simply the feel of this new search engine is quite a breath of fresh air. To begin with, Live Search comes with a boundless scrollbar. You have to admit that although Google may pull up 600 million search items, most of us barely reach the 3rd page of the results. This in fact is a proven fact. The never-ending scrollbar in Live attempts to address this particular issue by creating an extra long page that actually shows hundreds or thousands of the so called “first page” results. But the amazing things about this feature is that the speed is not really affected as only a small number of results are displayed at first and more are retrieved as you scroll downward. My previous attempts to use this search engine weren’t all that fruitful because of my lack of bandwidth and Live’s poor speed. But I must admit that the performance does seem to be quite improved and somewhat seamless provided that you have the bandwidth to fuel it. But the most impressive feature was probably the image searching. I doubt browsing images in your browser in the internet has never been easier and more fun.

Yeah, it’s pretty obvious and most people would agree that Microsoft Search is inferior to that of Yahoo and Google, but give it a test drive than a fair bit of shake by first comparing the engines side by side in the famous search engine blind test. You'd be surprised!


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