Fair is good!

May 7, 2006

It’s been an interesting semester; interesting in sense that is somewhat ironic to what I’ve been contemplating from the beginning. To begin with, it ended with a sense of abruptness while I expected it to be friggishly long one. And also what I expected to be a dreadful semester in terms of grades turned out to be rather competent. I managed an ‘A’ in MIS, which was pretty much expected as our faculty was (ahem) pretty impressed with my performance throughout the semester. A ‘B’ in accounting wasn’t what I would say satisfactory but considering the fact that she took only three exams and I happened to ditch one of those, its pretty fair. And I reckon my grades in economics were pretty alright too. So, I’m pretty satisfied with the way things turned out considering my faculties and their graceful approach (!) to the courses.

Anyway, lately I’ve been checking loads of streaming media and managed to found some really amazing looking places. Take Peekvid.com for instance, this site suddenly popped out of nowhere and is offering more than 700 episodes of well known TV series such as 24, Lost, Desperate Housewives and so on. You can stream them online or even download them to enjoy later; and all of that for free! Seeing its contents and quality, I doubt it will last long, so better enjoy it while its there. Things actually got better as I found another site which seems to be the source that Peekvid.com has been using. guba.com actually offers more than just TV shows. It contains tons of videos categorized into eight different sections (cartoons, comedy, documentary, drama, foreign, miscellaneous, music videos and sports). Each of the videos has the option to be played online using flash or downloaded either for ipod, psp or windows media format. Apparently the site is powered by newsgroups. Their collection is so humongous and impressive that it’s almost scary. I’ve wondering why they’re providing all these for free. But hey! Who cares as long they’re free? Better get them while it lasts.


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