May 3, 2006

Did I ever mention how much I hate it to sit around and do nothing? I simply loathe those moments when I just get to lay around. With nothing in particular to do or brainstorm about my mind tends to initiate its own series of silly contemplations and thoughts that leads to nowhere as I find myself trapped in a dead end somewhere inside my mind. As being some sort of a perfectionist I hate those dead ends, be that in a first person shooter or inside my mind. So, I need to do something, make my mind sweat for something and steer clear of all the silly contemplations.

With the semester break on, I decided to seek for a job to satisfy my so called need of “gotta-do-something”. I applied for numerous jobs; i.e. for a waiter in Pizza Hut, Salesman in Etc. and not to mention in the telecommunication organizations for computer related responsibilities. What I would be doing didn’t really matter to me, it was just the matter of doing *something*. But apparently not one organization had any job vacancy that would suit me and my qualifications. So I ended up being where I didn’t really want to be on the first place, that being my dad’s business. Although aside from the decent place and people, I get to have my own space and a decent pc with an impressively fast 24/7 broadband connection, I kind of hate it when all the people around me treat me as the boss’s son rather just another fellow colleague. But I reckon I’m beginning to like the kind of stuff I’m doing out there. I’m working as the correspondent of the organization and my responsibilities require me to keep close ties with all the corporate members and customers; which means writing loads of emails and faxes, preparing all sorts of documents and meeting the occasional people or attending some phone calls. So basically I need to write things, and quite a lot of that.

Although my competence in mathematics is not something to be proud of (for good reasons too), even with this amount of skill the difference between the dates 22nd of April and 3rd of May is pretty much obvious to me (surprise.. surprise!). It’s sure been a while since the last time I updated the blog. This time around the hiatus was due to a number of incidents that just happened to be fabricated in a manner that was pretty much uncalled for. To begin with my connection wasn’t available for around 5 days. Apparently some considerate gentlemen found humor in plundering the tower thing that is supposed to route the wires to all the users under the network. So the ISP people had to install a new one and it took them quite a while to do so. With no classes to attend, no assignments to brainstorm for and nothing in particular to do in home rather than to enjoy the hot and humid weather with the amplified addition of the long power failing hours. I reckon that pretty much explains my absence from the web community for last couple weeks or so.


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  1. Micheal Says:

    “Resurrection.. rNeo.noir” was a wonderful post and therefore I was pretty satisfied to find the blog
    post. Thanks a lot-Elinor

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