April 22, 2006

Just over 35 years ago, Dhaka was all but devoid of peace and tranquility by what came to be known as the biggest genocide of the history of the country and not to mention the subsequent consequences. 35 years later, the news are much less earth-shattering yet equally agonizing as we stand in the same soil and witness the people who are supposed to gracefully lead the country actually taking sides based on individual ethics and benefits, and continue to play their game of cat and mouse. With one group of people doing ‘god-knows-what’ to the country and another group of people replying the first group with their own version of what I termed as ‘god-knows-what’. And ironically enough, the general people have really nothing to do but to play the dumb witness and the role of the guinea pig as abyss itself spawns it’s root in the base of the country that we came to both love and hate, both for good reasons that is. Anyway, I don’t really feel like go on blabbering about all this political or ethical jargons as I couldn’t care less about the fact whoever is running the country and whoever is not. As long as I get to live a decent life and proudly announce that I’m from this country, all is fine from my side. But I wonder if all the people involved in the cat and mouse game actually realize how the general people are being tormented both organically and psychologically as they continue the chase for the wild goose.

Wondering why a person like me is suddenly writing about issues that he doesn’t actually give a damn about? I’m doing so because I really feel like writing about these stuff right now; feel like writing about the antipathistic display of police authority that took place in Chittegong or how the hippo-alike lady workers of the rebelling parties who tend to dwell the streets during the hartals and seem to have gotten themselves a fancy for the drill of throwing bricks and rocks to the passing vehicles(wonder why they don’t take part in the Olympics or something, they are sure to return with gold medals at throwing stuffs). But I won’t really go all that way and fill the article with jargons that I don’t really care about, rather I’d fancy writing about my *individual* compromises in accordance with the bigger picture off the country such as the fact that my accounting finals got postponed, and so did my semester break; both of which was due to a group of individuals who have gotten themselves a fancy for not living in peace, nor allowing other people to do so. Long live those people!

I recall deciding to keep away from the online community and web surfing for a while and concentrate on my studies instead. But it’s awfully tough to resist the temptation of checking the next amazing site that’s waiting just round the corner and just craving to be wowed. So, here is a simply awesome (with the full sense of that word) site that do deserve all the oooo’s and aaaaa’s. Just go and check this amazing flash animation out and don’t forget to check the LowMorale site, which happenes to have an interesting background story to it. I’ll write about it some other time. For now, enjoy the awesome flash presentation and do wish me luck with my exams. And yeah, I’ll try to update the blog more often after I’m done with my finals!


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  1. everly Says:

    beautiful online information center. greatest work… thanks

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