Exam Blues..

April 17, 2006

It was time; time to tackle the exam blues, to rid the blank papers sitting in front me of the “blank” status and my abysmal grades of the “abysmal” stature. It was time to put the hard-earned knowledge that I gained from the cramming sessions I had to cope for the last few days to some good use and boost my performance to some extent as it was the last possible opportunity to do so. It was time to tackle the exam blues.

I sat there, about 55 feet above the ground, with a body totally still and a mind perfectly void as I contemplated how much I loathed these brainstorming sessions; this endless torment. I sat there, pitying myself for realizing the enchantment of economics just a touch bit late. I spent the whole semester running away from this particular subject and ended up with below average grades as the stalker kept haunting me and compassed my trail in the nick of time just when I needed to be left alone by it the most, that being the exam sessions. So, just prior to the finals, probably for the first time I gave it my best shot and interest, immersed myself in all the seemingly non-sensual jargons and *finally* managed to discover the magic of economics. When I was done congesting things that I was supposed to days or maybe weeks back, I realized what I was missing while I was busy creating database systems for my MIS projects or solving financial statements of organizations that I doubt even exist. Right than, in the exam hall, as my eyes met those of my faculty’s, I had another realization; only this time I realized the *externality* (in economics’ terms) that made me run away from economics. He was strolling back and fro around us with this smile on his face; a smile that read “Ha Ha Ha.. gotcha this time, suckers!” to me. So, as our eyes met I returned him the smile with an encrypted message within it that read “We’ll see who the sucker is”, though I wonder how he interpreted it.

So, it was time to tackle the exam blues as I got my hands on the question papers. I looked up on the heavens only to find it covered with some 18/20 layers of concrete and cement (and heaven itself knows what else in between them), so I assumed the ceiling fan on top of my head as a representative of the greater being *upstairs* and made a silent prayer out of desperation. I skimmed the question papers and found an impulsive curl in the corner of my lips as for the first time in the semester I had the feeling that I can actually tackle this.

About an hour and half later, as I stood in the streets and finally found myself under the heavens (this time around with nothing in between), I cursed the faculty for like the 7 billionth time (I counted). “Shucks!” I thought. Why don’t they set answerable questions papers?

1. Which of the following is the correct answer to this question?





e. None of the above

1. Which of the following is a number?

a. Blue

b. Jacques Cousteau

c. Watermelon

d. John Doe

e. 5

Keeping all the sarcasm aside; he could, for a change, set questions that are answerable within the exam time; at least answerable for the students who are not on their way to be the next top economist of the country. So, the bottom line is that the exam, although wasn’t that bad, was below satisfaction and apparently I’ll be retaking the course pretty soon.

So, there I was, tackling the aftermaths of the exam blues as I made my way to the car and sighed for next few months that I’ll be spending moping with regrets about what I *could* do and what I actually ended up with!


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