Joyeux Anniversaire de moi!

April 11, 2006

So, here goes another 11th April! What makes this day so special happen to be two simple facts; firstly, it’s one those rare few days that I love to hate and hate to love, and secondly, it happens to be my birthday (!!), which actually pretty much explains why the first fact is there. So, yeah, it’s my birthday today! About a (bit less than) couple decades back in this date I was gifted with this unique organic, structural and spiritual constitution that I’ve been carrying around since and not to mention nourishing it in such a way that has resulted the current living-breathing-flesh n’blooded me.

I’ve been kind of thinking, there are so many “days” out there in the calendar, ie. Friendship day, Valentines Day, Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and the list just goes on and on. So, there *should* be days like assignment day, exam’s day or presentation days as well. As for “assignment” day, I remember spending one whole friggin day working on this assignment that I was supposed to submit next day. So, I spent the whole day in front of my computer with a back aching, eyes watering, mind racing and fingers blazing away. I felt as if I was this mindless zombie, whose eyes are made just to stare blankly at the monitor screen, hands are made to press the character keys in the keyboard and ears to digest the sound waves generated by the fingertips pressing the keys; it felt as if my existence had no other meaning! I remember even taking my lunch (though I can’t recall what I had for lunch) in front of the computer with one hand busy over the keyboard while the other with the fork. It was a day of about 9 hours of marathon word processing, though I took a nap somewhere in the middle, during which I recall having a dream even where I found myself busy… typing. If that day doesn’t count as an Assignment Day, than I’d love to know the deserving substitution.

I kinda loathe being in the middle of everything, hate being in the spotlight, so no kidding that I hate my birthday; but what have been bothering me most today is another series of those anonymous phone calls. Although I might have an idea about the “anonymous” person, I don’t really want to pursue the thought, nor the trace as I pride myself as the kind of person who, unlike most people, likes to keep his words.

Anyway, as my final exams are just round the corner, I’ve decided to bring some changes in my regular schedule; changes such as spending as less amount of time as possible with my computer and shift that amount to something else that may prove to be fruitful for the near future, ie. studying for the exam. So, no more web surfing, alien-butt kicking, nazi-head squashing or dragon slaying for next couple weeks. What feels so ironic is the amount of time I’ll be getting after this “couple weeks” to chill to my heart’s content. And as I’m expected to get my hands on my brand new PlayStation 2, that chilling sessions is something I’ll be really looking forward to. But before that, I gotta traverse yet another one of those brain storming nightmarish sessions and make sure to survive *yet* another day (or another semester). May lady luck smile upon me!


2 Responses to “Joyeux Anniversaire de moi!”

  1. Shirley Says:

    Good luck and blessings on your adventures.


  2. rneonoir Says:

    Much appreciated! Thank you!

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