Finally some time to blog..

April 8, 2006

I deserve one frigginly long vacation; that much I deserve to say after what I’ve been through and possibly will go through within the next couple weeks. I spent the whole last week developing a database system with the blend of features offered by Microsoft Excel and Access. As it was possibly the first time I actually got to familiarize myself with the features offered by those two applications, it was more like a trial and error kind of experience as out of every two hours I spent trying to cook something, I reckon half an hour’s worth of effort proved to be utile. But in the end it was a job well done and worthy enough to face the court of our dorky faculty.

Although I kept my part of the bargain, my fellow group members weren’t really stingy about showing their uselessness in the whole issue. While I was supposed to build the whole system, they were supposed to conjure up some ideas and fuse them together into some slides for the presentation that was supposed to take place today; something that they tumbled to do so. So, for the sake of me, my fellow group members and our dignity, I spent the whole last night making the presentation slides, which by the way was like the first time I made something in PowerPoint. With all the amazing features of the awesome looking PowerPoint 12, I got a bit carried away and couldn’t really resist the temptation of taking all the cool looking features for a test drive, and possibly I couldn’t have found a better to-be-disastrous guinea pig. The slides did look amazing with all the cool looking effects and clips, but the amazing visuals and functionalities were short lived as I opened the presentation slides in the crappy lab computers of our university with Office 2000 installed. More than half of the cool stuffs I added were vanished in thin air and the ones that were there had barely any functionalities left. Anyway, I don’t really feel like blabbering the crappy consequences but to sum up the whole thing, I acted like a complete dumb ass (with the full sense of that word) in the presentation while my fellow members some sort of rocked.

‘Busy’ would be an understatement to term the days I’m going through right now. With the amount of time I’ve been spending working with assignments, case studies and not to mention the project related stuffs, it’s a pity that I’m actually missing the opportunity to squeeze some juice out of the towering bandwidths I have been getting these days. Anyway, for those people who are unfortunate enough to be using a proxy server like me, and have a passion for wasting bandwidths and download stuffs from sites like RapidShare, the following sites may prove to be useful:

Proxy 01 Proxy 02 Proxy 03 Proxy 04 Proxy 05 Proxy 06

Anyway, about the so-called vacation I was talking about in the beginning of the post isn’t really that far away, more precisely just a couple classes and a bunch of final exams away. When I think of it that way, it has actually been a long while since I *earned* something that I truly deserve.


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