How do you spell chaos..?

March 27, 2006

“Chaos” happens to be one of my most favorite words from the English dictionary. Maybe my fanciness towards this particular word has something to do with the way I tend to lead my life and not to mention every other thing that goes with it. Isn’t it fascinating how simply you can term a subject of such immense periphery with such a simple word? There isn’t really a better terminology out there that may substitute the word “chaos” with just as much meaning and sense.

I mean, just come on, even as I turn my back and take a glance at the room that I pride as being mine, all I see is a sea of crammed mess all congested together. Just the perfect reflection of the life I’m leading. A desk, piled up with loads of papers, notepads, books, CDs and god knows what else; a divan that is more of a compact and gaping kinda version of a closet, I don’t know what else to call it as it is rarely used for the cause it is there on the first place. Well,my dearest mom sometimes do take the initiative to rid the poor thing of all the stuff that it has to cope with every single moment of every single day, but (courtesy to me) in a matter of a couple days or so, all sorts stuffs start to pile up over it; just taking it where it all started from. And yeah, my own bed that has to cope with my nightly close-eyes and not to mention the occasional naps. But other than those times, it also tends to be piled with bunch of mess. Other than these, there are also bunch of other stuffs here and there that are also a part of the mess I tend to live in. And yeah, the thing that I used to refer as my love, my passion and my non-living girl, my guitar! It really hurts to see it lying in the distant dusty corner, packed in its black leathery case, untouched and unmoved for months now. Well, the amount of time I have been spending home has been getting shorter and shorter with each passing day, so I havn’t really been able to ride the strings of soul lately. Although every night I rest my eyes deliberating that I’ll start practicing the next day, that so-called next day is yet to grace my life. God bless my soul!

So, digging up something from this sea of mess sometimes gives me the impression of being Indiana Jones (without the rather cool leather hat and the whip that is)looking for some fossilized artifact in some ancient temple or something. Anyways, I could simply go on and on blabbering how the term ‘chaotic’ applies to anything (do concentrate on the term “thing” that excludes all sort of living beings) that has something to do with me. But as my rather “hungry-for-ease” mind and physique has been through hell lately, with bunch of exams and not to mention the couple of sleepless nights that I spent surfing through the lieu of numbers, figures and mathematical jargons rather than being in another world of peace and comfort (or nightmares!), I reckon for now I should take my mom’s advice and crash in the bed (after clearing all the mess that are piled upon it that is) for a nap and give both my ‘organic’ and ‘divine’ constitution a much deserved break.


One Response to “How do you spell chaos..?”

  1. Naomi McNeil Says:

    I very much liked the answer I received for the spelling and definition of the word for which I inquired. Plus I get to leave a comment horay

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