Say hello to AjaxWrite..

March 25, 2006

The new epoch is here! Finally the day has come when you can actually think of having a computer that doesn’t need to have a particular software known as Microsoft word. Bamboozled? How can you actually expect to use a computer without that particular application? After all every single computer out there has this proggie and for good reason too. When you think about it that way, people don’t even care about using a specialized anti virus software, atleast not as much as they care about having Microsoft Word in his computer. But this will change, or so it seems.

So, what’s the deal with the so-called term called the “new era”? The deal is that some new applications (both web and desktop) have shown the potential to outclass Word. is one of the desktop applications that have proven to be of immense potential. The best thing about is that it’s not only completely free, but also is an open source application that you can download from the developer’s site (with no strings attached). But the newest and simply amazing entrant into the office space is the introduction of a simply awesome web 2.0 application called AjaxWrite.

AjaxWrite is basically an online version of Word that uses the AJAX technology. AjaxWrite allows you to open, edit and save documents in both Word and PDF format. It has simple but good basic functionality and is fairly fast. There is no registration required. Just fire up the site, hit the “ajaxwrite’ button to get a new window with a rather familiar interface. Assuming that you need to read and/or edit a Word doc quickly, AjaxWrite is a useful solution and hopefully will get better and faster over the time to come. Currently AjaxWrite supports only Mozilla Firefox. Just expect to have all the basic functions of Word without any space compromised in your hard drive or in your registry.

So, with the introduction of products such as AjaxWrite, Writely and Zoho Writer, is there any possibility of significant reduction of the need to purchase world’s most used Word Processor? Would this new era of web applications actually have an effect on Microsoft’s revenue on the long run? It should. Even so, Bill Gates happens to say that he just doesn’t understand our infatuation with thin client versions of Word. Assuming that true, at some point Microsoft ought to come up with ad supported versions of their own clients. But most probably they will wait until they absolutely have to take such a step.span style=”font-style: normal”>

So, what if people actually start using the available alternative to Word? Well, to begin with, money can be easily made on advertising, and they could of course introduce the traditional premium users stuff and such. Well, it won’t be a huge money making machine, but that’s the whole point, isn’t it? To reduce the amount of expenditure of using Office application for the average users!

You can check AjaxWrite here.


2 Responses to “Say hello to AjaxWrite..”

  1. dipu Says:

    the ajak things are nice no doubt .. i am loving the ajaxwrite .. but the problem is: it cant save .. occurs .. 😦

    but anyway nice post with lotz info .. two thumbs up to u again .. (y)

  2. rneonoir Says:

    mmm… no trouble on this side. don’t worry though as there are loads of applications out there that are offering similar features (if not better) as ajaxwrite. whichever one you use, there’s actually always something better out there..isn’t it..(lol)

  3. ulmarr Says:

    Very Very nice information here… Thanks

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