Brainstorming session

March 24, 2006

Can you feel it, the unruffled serenity and tranquility in the air? Do you hear the noxious resonance of silence, the deceased muteness? They say before the storm come the silence. Is that what it is, the tranquil aura that is getting ready to welcome the upcoming storm? You can’t feel it? Than obviously you are not the one who is imposed by a rather packed schedule of series of exams that are banging on the door.

It’s been a lazy kinda day. Lazy in the sense that after quite a few scuttling days I got to spend the whole day in a place I call home. Ironically enough, this home of mine happens to be one of those places that came to spawn a rather awkward combination of feelings; feelings those of both love and hate. Whenever I’m away from home, maybe sitting in the traffic and living the compact life of a chicken sizzling in the oven; or maybe in a classroom, staring blankly on the lips of the professor, hoping to read his lips as the words its been producing didn’t make any sense whatsoever, I really miss my the comfort and the liberty of home. And ironically, whenever I’m actually enjoying the so called comfort and liberty in home, I actually miss being in another place; miss the presence of another group of people.

Anyways, yeah.. its been a lazy kinda day; most probably the so-called tranquility before the upcoming storm, that being a week packed with bunch of exams; starting with my CEFP1 tomorrow and ending (for now) with my 2nd midterm exam of accounting. Not that I’m ill-prepared for this so-called brainstorming session, save any last moment surprises, but the fact that is bothering me is the time range within what they’re being directed upon me. It wouldn’t be an easy affair to switch from French literature to the rather bamboozling economics jargons, and not to mention the other shift to accounting later. Then I also have to give the finishing touch to the MIS project I have been cooking up this week and then again got to cook something good enough (that won’t stink) for the assignment to impress our economics faculty. And I have to go through all that within a time span of six days.

Mmm.. The sky sure look dark for me.. just hoping to survive the storm and live another week to tell the tale of it (or rather blog it.. lol)


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