Portable apps..

March 22, 2006

Say.. Do you happen to be one of those freaks who love to walk around with his beloved applications so that he can edit his files on the run, not bothering with the computer and its content that is to be used? Well, incase if you are than don’t take any offence from the term I used to refer you as I happen to be one of those particular type of “freaks” myself.

With all the assignments and project related stuffs in the university, I fancy carrying around a number of application in my USB flash drive these days incase I need them on the run; and not to mention my doubt upon the lab computers that we are supposed to use. So, I just consider it worthwhile idea to carry some basic applications such as a word processor or maybe a spreadsheet analysis software with me. The cool thing about these programs is that you don’t have to worry about installing them, just plug-in your USB device and they are ready for you to use. These Portable Applications range from operating systems to even Games, from CD/DVD burning tools to web development applications. Pretty nifty, don’t you reckon?

Wikipedia.org has published a really nice list of useful portable applications that can be run from a portable device with ease. The applications are sorted into different categories for convenience. Also make sure to check PortableApps.com for some more portable stuff and more information about the ‘portable’ trend.

Take my advice and download the portable version of the OpenOffice.org office suite. You will get a writer, a spreadsheet and a database application with all the rich features you can expect from an office suite such as Microsoft Office but with less amount of memory used and no money spent! and not to mention its portable! What else could you ask for! You can also check out the portable version of Mozilla Firefox that may come in handy in public computers with internet Explorer. Also check out the protable edition of Gaim which can also be useful in public or office computers.

The whole portable concept seemed so cool to me that it felt as if I’m carrying my PC around without actually carrying it. It simply makes you to feel like home regardless the PC you are using. Loving the new trend of versatility!


2 Responses to “Portable apps..”

  1. Dipu Says:

    after a long time break .. nice post (Y)

    yeah i am downloading the portable apps like firefox; wordprocessor;notepad ++;

    am not familiar with them at all .. lets give a try .. keep blogging very often .. (Y)

  2. rneonoir Says:

    Yeah.. they might come in handy.. a they’ve been for me as i’ve been using the lab computers in the university quite a lot lately. And about blogging.. i do try to update the blog everyday but my connection tends to have awkward kind of surprises ready for me these days.. so.. i actually get to post it (incase i get lucky that is) after a rather annoying series of timed out sessions..

    And you can also check the following sites for more on “portables”..


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