March 21, 2006

So, after a hiatus of two days, here I am once again back in the web community. As my connection wasn’t available for the last couple days; it was a hiatus that wasn’t really intended but was rather imposed upon me. So, rather than looking for potential recruits for my bookmark list, I got to spend quite a bit of time napping and watching Bangladesh beat the crap out of Kenya, a rare treat provided that you are a Bangladeshi fan…

Anyways, don’t really feel like writing anything worthwhile right now. Not that I’m out of folksy jargons to share, but rather out of the dynamism to carry on the day (or rather the night) further. And speaking of writing, I can simply go on for pages after pages simply blabbering about even the most explicit of stuffs, provided that I have the right state of mind to do so. That is something I lack right now: the right state of mind.

Feeling awfully dozy right now.. better crash on the bed rather than to crash my head on the keyboard…

Hope you guys enjoyed the comic strip that I stumbled upon at Rob Forshaw’s blog.


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