Are you using the right blogging tool?

March 18, 2006

Blogs are undoubtedly one of the hottest web publishing formats there is. With both the numbers of bloggers and blog applications increasing every day, picking the right blogging tool that suits your taste can be both confusing and frustrating. So, as a blogger, before starting the fun of expressing yourself by posting folksy squabbles (ranging from personal to political), you have to outstrip things like selecting, installing or configuring your blogging environment. What makes this step so hassling is simply the long array of available options.

Online Journal Review has published an interesting article and also a rather useful comparison chart that compares some of the renowned blogging tools available. It also provided an article to help you find the blogging tool that complements you and your taste.You can check the Blog Software Comparison Chart here.

Hmm.. seems like my choice of blog software wasn’t moderate or middling. I did choose one of the best (if not the best) out there. According to the comparison chart, WordPress (nearly) supports all the features there is, except for the photo gallery. But I don’t really mind that as there are already numerous web applications that allow you your own personal photo gallery (nothing beats Flickr). Having said that, it should also be noted that scripting plugins and tools for WordPress is a simple and painless affair. So, you can not only build photo galleries, but also other nifty stuffs such as music players, event calendars and even mapping tools with ease.

The chart also mentions that WordPress has only 7 skins available, which is not true as the admins are adding new skins every week. And as WordPress has inspired numerous developers into making extra features such as new skins, it’s a matter of time before the numbers of available skins reach the hundreds.

So, bottom line is, i’m pretty sure that i’m using the right blogging tool and simply loving it! What about you? Are you using the right blogging tool?


5 Responses to “Are you using the right blogging tool?”

  1. Dipu Says:

    am using the blogger and the chart shows lots of limitations there !

    but i do the jobs of Pings (ping-o-matic), RSS, Atom (bloglines), Search,Blogroll/Lists (Blog directory and lots) manually and which is becoming tougher day by day …

    am lil bit frustrated of using blogger blog as my blog tool .. 😥

    suggest me an optimize solutions ..

  2. rneonoir Says:

    Well, if you think that the manual operation for all those stuffs are gettin on to your nerves than my suggestion to you would be to switch to a blogging tool that supports all those stuff without any manual interference. Which one to go for? Well.. you can take a hint.. can’t you? (lol)

    As for manual configurations, although wordpress supports all those stuffs, i configured them manually just so that i can feel more comfortable with the things i’m dealing with. It sure took me a while to set all those feed subscribes, translators and stuffs.. but that was a one-time-only affair and won’t require any meddling (hopefully)from me.. well unless ofcourse i intend to change or upgrade the settings..

    So.. the bottom line is that, if you think that you can cope with your current setting without much of a problem.. than you should stick with Blogger.. otherwise, you could simply switch to another software..

  3. Dipu Says:

    yeah still sticked with blogger .. its more tough to switch to another blog .. coz i believe “blogger is aperson for whom bloging is more difficult than others”

    but thing is the comparison chart shows some wrong information .. such : it says blogger has no rss feed but blogger has ..

  4. rneonoir Says:

    hmm… i never actually used any other blogging tool before using wordpress. but what i hear from other people.. blogger does souds impressive. anyways.. if you like it there than obviously you should stick with it..

    ps. did i mention that wordpress allows you to import database from other bloggng applications.. such as blogger.. (lol)

  5. blossom Says:

    Nice site. Thank to work…

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