Goowy – The Web OS

March 17, 2006

When FutureSplash Animator became Macromedia Flash 1.0, everyone was amazed with its animating capabilities and amazing features. Macromedia Flash came a lot way since then but, the ubiquity of flash, which being one of the aspects that made flash such an immensely powerful platform, led to loads of “skip intro” buttons. These days you will see loads of annoying and bandwidth consuming flash ads in various sites. So, flash, being regarded as the future of the web at the beginning, had to cope with the accusation of degrading web surfing experience. Having said that, it’s also very much apparent that the above aspects are one of those rare few shortcomings that flash seems to have, as numerous impressively powerful applications have been built using the rich power of flash with creativity running wild. Some of these applications are so impressive that they can easily claim that they are working leveraging the full potential of flash. One such application is Goowy.

Goowy is one of those many applications that are taking advantage of the full power of flash. Goowy started as an email client but has since expanded into a full fledged virtual desktop suite. What makes goowy so impressive is the simple fact that it has used the rich interactivity of flash with some of the best parts of AJAX to create some great treat for the users.

As I said, groowy started its journey as a mail client which is pretty standard but have some cool twists such as the ability to drag and drop email messages to folders that make organizing your mailbox a fun experience. Another great feature of Goowy is that it allows you to send email messages from the addressed you already have. It also allows you to import your contacts from a .csv file for all the major email clients, which is just a one click operation.

The AJAX/Flash interaction is probably the best feature of Goowy as it provides some big boosts. The spell checker, the daft view and rich text editing can be done nicely and easily with AJAX while the navigation is pure flash. The interaction is slick and the execution is simply awesome!

The stuff that allows Goowyto stand out from mould of other AJAX desktopn clients is its minis (ie. Little aps that run in your desktop). At first they may seem useless but after you have fully embraced the email and calendar features, you’ll be using these “minis” for sorting a whole lot of information such as track RSS feeds or keep track of YouTube videos. The combination with flash makes the streaming media effortless within the application.

The other applications that are available currently are:

  1. Email – you get a address with 2GB space.
  2. To-do lists
  3. RSS Reader
  4. Calendar
  5. Lots of Flash-based games
  6. Small applications like Stock ticker, weather monitor, Flickr viewer, Google Search etc.

The upcoming features that are in the pipeline (they are just grayed out on the main page) are stuffs like sharing files and instant messaging. But new features such as allowing third part developers to make widgets/minis/applications for their sites would be really great. It will expand Goowy’s usability to amazing extent.

Goowysure looks and works awesome and came a long way since the first time I checked it as a flash based email client. It implements the concept of the Web OS theory nicely and personally I was amazed to see such a good execution of packaging the entire thing into an interesting user experience. The concept of Web OS does seem pretty awesome, if executed correctly that is.


2 Responses to “Goowy – The Web OS”

  1. Dipu Says:

    yeah nice post .. man !!

    am using all the features ..

    did u try the goowy desktop ? thats also nice .. but its true that it takes lil bit time to boot first …

  2. rneonoir Says:

    You are one of the resons that made me go back and check Goowy yet once again. And i was so impressed that i kinda felt guilty of referring it as “one-of-those-flashy-email-clients” in my other post.. so, decided to write some thing about it.

    Anyways, yeah.. i’m used to desktop and simply loved it. And it is a bit slow to load, but the loading time is actually much better than Eye OS.

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