Transform your CD-ROM Drive into a Car CD Player

March 16, 2006

Want to turn your car into the ultimate euphonious entertainment centre and speed along the highway with an air of convulsion while the bass and treble turned up, but don’t really feel like coping with the wallet-blistering modifications? No worries! You don’t really have to cough up all that money just to install a CD player in your car. You can simply give your old and antiquated PC CD-Rom Drive a break from the usual bullying sessions of streaming stuffs from scratched CD’s and give it a better purpose to live the rest of its *reading* life.

HardwareSecrets published an article to help you turn your ordinary CD-Rom into a Car CD-Player.

To be used as CD player, the CD-ROM drive doesn’t need to be connected to the computer. This way, it is possible to easily transform a CD-ROM drive into a Car CD player. Sounds crazy? Not so. With this tutorial you will be able to have a CD player in your car without spending almost anything.

The CD-ROM drive to be use may be of any type, from the first models (“1x”) until the most modern ones (“60x”). The only prerequisite is that the drive needs to have is an earphone plug and volume control. And practically all CD-ROM drives have that.

You can check the full tutorial here.


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