Crawiling bandwidth

March 15, 2006

Did I mention how disgracefully sluggish my broadband connection is? In case I didn’t, mark my words in bright bold letters: “I hate my connection”! Yeah, I know that in terms of reliability, connectivity, velocity and not to mention the constructiveness, my current connection excels the former dialup one (that I used to use 3 or maybe 4 years back) with a quite a bit of margin. But still it’s never enough, is it? It’s a fundamental characteristic of a homo sapien to not be satisfied with his current situation and always desire even more, regardless of whatever things that “current situation” term might subsume. So, being a homo sapien myself, you can’t really expect me to defy one of the many crucial characteristics of my own race, that of course being always unsatisfied. Yes, although I have a connection that a lot of people came to crave for (some of my friends for instance), I’m not contented!

Anyways, for last few days my usually pathetic connection actually went a few notches up in terms of its patheticness. Lately the amount of bandwidth I have been getting have been outrageously low; just imagine the feeling that you get when google takes about 12-15 seconds to load, which is actually quite decent if you get to execute that loading process after several decayed tries. Yesterday and even this morning, I tried to login to wordpress several times, but most of the times I ended up getting a timed out. Although I did manage to get in after midnight, this morning it’s all a mess once again.

So, last evening I went to file a complaint to my connection provider and I was told that the downtime is due to the low voltage power supply and they can’t really do anything about it. So, I made my trip back home reminiscing the good old days of modems, when I could use the modem as my personal answering machine, use it to record phone conversations and not to mention my personal favorite: use a voice changing tool and play pranks on my friends by calling them via the modem. Neat stuffs, eh!

Anyways, right now I got kinda lucky and managed to sign in with a surge of bandwidth that suddenly came out of nowhere. Really wanted to write a review for Gun (the western themed action-adventure title from activision), but all these downtimes sort of pissed me off as I’m not even getting to check my mails when I really need to do it with all the returned assignments from my French instructor being there in my mailbox; let alone updating the blog, as it can wait. So I kinda lost my appetite to write something interesting and worthwhile. I reckon I just wanted to appease my rage to some extent through this post. I’ll just write the review some other time then..


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