Antagonizing typicilty of the term “worst”!

March 13, 2006

Okay! Now it’s official that it I won’t be having any of the days this semester without being termed as “worst”. The particular day I just endured prior to the one I’m going through right now was no different and undoubtedly qualifies as one of those worst(er) days. Woke up with a sour throat that followed up with a brittle kinda voice, and that‘s something I had to bear around the whole day. Started the day off in university with the unforeseen news of a quiz, which was sufficient enough to ruin the day.

Apparently I missed the announcement because I arrived late in the last class. Life is so unfair! I attend every single one of his dull lectures (he gives his lectures but all I hear is blah blah) with not even a single late arrival, and just for once I arrive late (I was in a seminar), and I miss something as important as that! Not to mention some really inconsiderate friends who didn’t even bother to tell me about the announcement. So, with a quiz in a matter of few hours with no preparations whatsoever, I decided to pay my faculty a visit and try to flatten him up a bit and convince him so that he could make an exception for me by allowing me to take the quiz some other time. So, I went all the way up to the 12th floor through the stairs (the queue in front of the elevators was scarily big) only to find the office locked. After waiting for like 20 minutes the department staff told me that the person of the moment is sitting in one of those infamous traffic jams if the city and it won’t be before at least another half an hour before he makes his appearance. So, I went to the lounge, had my lunch and came back (again through the stairs) an hour later only to find the office locked! So, I asked the staff members and I was told that he went to have his lunch and won’t be back before another half an hour. I was furious. Half an hour! What sort of person takes a whole time slot of thirty minutes to have his lunch! I cursed him under my breath, which was the wise thing to do rather than cursing aloud as I came face to face with the celeb of the moment. So, as I mentioned the word “quiz”, he gave me a smile and said, “Don’t worry, it’s been rescheduled and will take place next class”. For the first time in the whole semester (and most probably for the last time) I was gratified to the person standing in front of me.

But that gratification was short lived as I found myself cursing him yet once again as I sat in the class a few hours later, with my answer sheet in hand. When I asked him about the unjust grades he gave me for some of the questions, he said that I wrote too much of a stuff that weren’t necessary, so he took marks for that. I was kinda furious as he didn’t mention about that particular aspect of his grading scheme earlier but accepted the slightly more than average grades anyways and returned the paper.

So, another few hours later as I was sitting in yet another exam hall, I reviewed the schedule I fixed for myself while waiting in the traffic on my way there, to amend the kind of damage that was done to my exam grades mostly due to excessive amount of time I have been spending in my assignments and project stuffs lately. It was at 7:15 as my French quiz started, just about 11 hours from the time I left my place at the morning. So, I sat there with a physique immensely tired and a mind that could barely focus on the question paper in hand. It took me a while to dig the seemingly hazy kinda questions as my mind was still reminiscing the accounting problems I spent solving the whole afternoon. It was a bit abstruse for me to switch from analyzing financial statements to solving grammatical and vocabulaire problems relating to my third language, but as I dug in the question paper and it all made sense, it was a blast as I ended up with a rather impressive 80%. But the Comprehension Orale was really pathetic as I had a hard time concentrating on the cryptic sort of recorded conversations and ended up getting rather average kinda grade.

So, doesn’t all that culminate to a worse day? Well, as for the icing, when I returned home I found the whole neighborhood to be blacked out. Yeah right! A power failure was certainly the best possible complementation to a day such as that!!


5 Responses to “Antagonizing typicilty of the term “worst”!”

  1. Dipu Says:

    as my routine work when i was just looking through the blogs i felt something write here in comments.

    yeah dont be or feel antagonize man !

    this is 13 th march. The number is unlucky and its proved again 😦

    I woke up at 10 and started to my office. Suddenly I found the roads are not busy like the other usual days .. then I realized that this is hartal day .. well I got up on a rickshaw. The puller was pulling nice. Suddenly near the “shapla chottor” A big bus just pushed my rickshaw that made me feel the pleasure of flying for a few mili-seconds i guess ! Yeah during the hartal day I had an experience of road accident .. I am lucky that the injury was minor.

    Anyway i came office and found the lift is closed due to “Power Failure” [almost all of us -here in dhaka are facing this .. dont be antagonize].. ya I reached ma room at 8th floor.. wow after reaching ma room i found that my peon is sleeping on my chair .. wow ! I said noithing and its true that I did not wake him up .. i just knocked the door pretending that I didn`t see him.. The funny thing is that he didn`t move and told in a loud voice “the door is open ! ” Poor me (!) the rest was not good for him .. he is so ahamed that he is not coming infront me till now

    Anyway the power supply came and after lunch i was looking through the blogs and found urs one to write some comments !

    In my student life I was always late to class and used to sleep [one day one of the teachers asked me to bring me a pillow ! ]

    wow ! this shouldn`t be a comment 😀 chill man !

    see I have a lot time to spent 😀 Wise man says : “when u enjoy wasting time .. that time is not wasted “

  2. rneonoir Says:

    One hell of a day you had there! Running out of words to term your experiences but one thing I must praise you for is the fact how you see the humor in all those (!) a rare quality possessed by not many people, save me.

    Roll of numbers, as you said! I spent the whole day dozing in my desk, trying to cram loads of non-sensual economics jargons. I have the feeling that even the awaiting night will be full of dreams where I might encounter one of those rare experiences where I’ll be chased around with scary looking numbers and diagrams. God save my soul!

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Love the flow of words – reads as if you are thinking out aloud.

    Ps. finally managed to visit your blog! Had to switch to Internet Explorer from Firefox..

  3. dipu Says:

    wish u wont experience this kind of dream…
    one of my frineds before the calculus exam saw a dream like that the summation-differentiation signs are running after him .. lol

    and i dont know ?! the actual reason whats happening in the blogspot.. but the 403 error must not be for browser.. i am using from firefox .. any way u could access that`s all and I found ur comments on that .. (Y)

    keep blogging .. and my english is really kind of poor ! never mind ..

  4. rneonoir Says:

    LMAO! I can tell how your friend must have felt back then! And speaking of dreams, as i barely got to sleep last night, i didn’t really get to experience something as bizarre as being chased by gigantic summations or something like that.

    About that error.. obviously it has something do with the browser as it’s working perfectly with IE7 now. And yeah, you’re right, all’s well when it ends well!

    And your english is way better than most of the people i cope with everyday. You see, I’m really stingy when it comes to praising other people. I don’t really waste my compliments on someone who doesn’t deserve it! You get the point ;)..

  5. dipu Says:

    thanks buddy 😀

    and feeling pleasure that u r not “stingy” while praising me ! 😛

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