Firefox going next gen..

March 12, 2006

Playing around with alpha or beta version software is something I always referred to as somewhat “adventurous” and is something that I always tend(ed) to deprive my PC from, and that is of course for obvious reasons. Having said that, I wonder what have gotten into me these days as my program list now appears to be full of builds and beta version proggies. Satirizing my former belief, I’m actually enjoying all the fooling around with the beta/alpha version stuffs and not to mention reporting the bugs and actively participating in the beta testing procedure. So, keeping this recent trend of mine I just installed Deer Park Alpha 2 couple days back and simply love it. Deer Park is actually the codename for the Mozilla Firefox product and the recent alpha (alpha 2) version actually refers to the to-be released version (considered as the next gen firefox) of Mozilla Firefox 1.6.

I couldn’t wait for the final version to come out and downloaded the alpha version as soon as I stumbled upon it. Although an alpha version, it seems to be very much stable and offer some great new features such as the nifty looking drag and drop stuffs and not to mention the thing that impressed me most, the faster browsing. The faster loading of pages is clearly apparent and there are also small changes here and there, making the already best browser even better. Although seemed to be loaded with plenty of new features, I was kinda annoyed with a couple few things. For instance, some of my most favorite firefox extensions are not compatible (yet) with the alpha version. Another thing I came to hate is the bookmarking method where when you add something to the bookmark Deer Park adds it in the bottom of the list rather than asking you which folder to put it in. Another thing is that, although they are calling it the next generation browser, it was missing the “next-gen” feel in it. But hey, it’s the alpha version after all, so small glitches here and there are pretty much expected. Looking forward to the release of the final (or beta) version!

And for further info on Deer Park, you can check here. You can also check the official webpage here.

Anyways, enough with the tech for now, just checked out of the dreamworld and looking forward to yet another hectic kinda day with three classes stretching round the clock, starting from 9:40 with my MIS class and ending with my French classes at 9:30 at night, and not to mention all the tacky kinda stuffs in between that are waiting to be dealt with. So, loads of things out there basically waiting to be graced by my presence, let’s not keep them waiting, shall we? Bon courage!

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