My preferred web 2.0 services..

March 11, 2006

Here is a list of the best web services (from my opinion that is) that I use on a daily basis. These are some of the aspects that have changed not only my perspective of the internet, but also the way I use it. From my opinion, they are the best of the best!

Email Service: Gmail
The thing I love most about Gmail is that (other than the fact that its from google!) it has a simple yet amazingly powerful interface that allows you read, search and organize your email with such ease that makes all other email clients look lame. Gmail also offers you more storage than you’ll ever need, and they are constantly adding new features such as the rumored calendar application soon to be released. Just give me a reason for not using Gmail!

RSS Reader: NewsAlloy
This site provides you just about every feature you need in a RSS reader. Uses AJAX to navigate through the feeds to keep it all simple.

Photo Sharing: Flickr
Services such as BubbleShare are quickly catching up, and in cases adding features that even Flickr doesn’t yet have, Flickr is still the best photo sharing site. Amazingly easy blogging integration (especially with FAlbum for WordPress), lots of open APIs, quick interface, handy organising tools, and numerous cool features.

Home Page: Netvibes
Nifty, fast interface with RSS, search, email, bookmarks, Flickr integration, and everything you could ever ask for. They have also just released an API to allow others to create custom items. Everything is drag and drop with lots of AJAX to prevent the page from needing to reload. Pageflakes is also another service that really impressed me. But as i have been using netvives for a while, i just like it better!

Blogger: WordPress
I am simply loving WordPress because if it’s crispy design and amazing functionality. The strength of WordPress is its completely open system, meaning anyone (well, anyone with programming knowledge) can create tools, plugins, modules or themes for the already exceptionally featured platform. Other than offering a state-of-the-art technology, WordPress also offers a compelling personal publishing platform that makes publishing in the internet a breeze. There are so many cool options to play around with and you can’t just help but love it.

A simple idea that’s nicely executed. This allows you to save your bookmarks (website URLs) and tag them thus allowing others to find them to. Features ome great tools to make the process of saving and tagging your bookmarks even easier, such as the Firefox extensions.

News: Digg
One of my most favorite web 2.0 applications! Digg has been compared to Slashdot in the past, but is quite different as it is only moderated by the users who do all the digging. Anyone can submit a story and if enough people “digg” that particular story, it will make it to the front page.

Search: Technorati
Although lot of competition is offered by google and yahoo in the field of conducting “Real Time” searches in the contents of millions of blogs generated each day, they are still far behind of tehnorati as “it is the authority on what’s goin on the world of weblogs.” Arugably the best real time weblog search engine out there.

Obviously this list is subject to change in the obscure kind of future. So, you can just consider them as a snap of this month.


5 Responses to “My preferred web 2.0 services..”

  1. Dipu Says:

    yeah you use the best of the bests.. (Y)

    Am using “WordPresss” from my pen drive 😀
    Gmail is awesome .. no doubt..

    Now I wish to add up some more web 2.0 services ~

    I use Goowy ( for email – its really nice flashy mail account which uses AJAX as well and they also prefer Technorati for weblog searching.

    I use Blogger Blog – the blog hacking here is much more efficient .. mine is “”

    Creating pages with google page creator.. my site :

    Am using googledesktop which reminds me the news of the whole world every hour, i can maintain my TODOs in it nicely.

    For photo sharing Flickr is nice no doubt.

    Anyway nice post .. i started using digg and netvibes.. U owe me a ‘thanks’ buddy- Keep blogging

  2. rneonoir Says:

    Even if you say “the best of the best”.. there is always something better.. isn’t there? lol.. your choices are also awesome.. i stumbled upon Goowy a few weeks back and it did seem impressive to me but i didn’t bother to use it as it just seemed one of those numerous flashy email services out there. And i also have this crave for google so i just fancy everything that has to do anything with google. You get the point 😉

    Blogspot is also fabulous. And yeah.. google page creator.. i’m still playing with it as i’m working in my very own site (still a long way to go though). Google desktop also sounds pretty nifty but never had the chance to take it for a test drive. And Flickr does rule!

    Anyways, there are plenty of other stuffs that deserve to be in that list, but i left those out as i don’t use(or have used) them as much as these ones.

    The “thanks” is appreciated. You also have a great looking site out there although i couldn’t acces your blog (getting a 403).. u also keep blogging and take care mate..

  3. Dipu Says:

    ohho.. that 403 Error is bothering.. U can try removing th last slash. It happened to me also . I thin OK now.

    Take care chau .. 😀

  4. rneonoir Says:

    You sure that you can accsess the site? Seems like i can’t as i’m still getting the “forbidden” message.

  5. Dipu Says:

    ya sure 🙂

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