Just the typical week

March 10, 2006

Really miss the good old days of the first semester. Miss being the naïve first semesterer desperately trying to fathom the knotty drills of the so called university life. Miss having that feeling of boyish enthusiasm; the eagerness to get acquainted with new people and make new friends. But the thing I miss the most is probably the ease and repose I got to enjoy during the first semester. And now, here I am, in (just) my second semester, fairly acquainted with the rhythmic routine of the university life and not to mention the sheer amount of familiar faces that I came to know through the short span of my residing upon the campus. Along with the promotion another thing also got elevated and that is the amount of things we gotta do to impress the faculties by appeasing their somewhat outrageous demands. The amount of time I have been spending on perfecting my assignments, case studies and projects recently have been a really good wake up call from my hibernation.

This week was somewhat hectic with bunch of stuffs popping up from nowhere with tentatively close deadlines knocking awfully loud on the door. The individual assignments were alright I reckon, but the group case study didn’t turn out the way in wanted it to be, partly because of the late rush and partly because of some of my fellow group members. Out of four people, only one turned out to be more than useful with his gritty kinda sincerity and eagerness. He could have actually done a fair amount of stuff with the assignment, unless of course I didn’t take the liberty of playing the “dada hatem tai” (as our faculty refers it) and do the whole job all by myself. Another group member was there with us all the time with an air of frankness, but maybe unwillingly or unknowingly (dunno which one), he turned out be completely worthless. But in the end it was a job nicely done and should be fair enough to impress the faculty.

For me, it was a lesson well learnt and that is to *make sure* to consult the faculty and sign the agreement thing so that everyone have to do a part of the whole job individually thus will get grades based upon his part of the job done. Enough with the “dada hatem tai” already!

Another thing I’m starting to hate about the university life is the elusive kinda breaks we tend to get in between the weeks and all the exams. They give us the impression of a breather but before we realize it, something else suddenly pops up from nowhere and once again there is that scrambling turmoil and the brainstorming sessions, which tends to end in chaos. So, here I am, trying to relax a bit after one bustling week, only to get back to the same hectic kinda schedule in a matter of days. Well, better get used to this as this the life I will be leading for the next few years of my life. Bon courage!


2 Responses to “Just the typical week”

  1. Samara Says:

    University life…awww..its mixed.Always. Ups and down. I remember my first few semesters…but dont worry much its going to be ok.And about group studies, I dont know which university you’re in but try to make friends and try to take your courses with them.Its gonna pay you a lot if you dont have friends in your class/group. There are a lot of politics…you will see…
    Anyway thanks for visiting my space.Nice thoughts…and you have got a great blog as well…take carez 🙂

  2. rneonoir Says:

    Nice of you to drop by! Anyways, the ups and downs, as you mentioned, are pretty much a part of everything there is.. so i don’t really bother myself with those. But the thing i hate most about my current situation is the fact that my so called second semester was supposed to be like my 4/5th semester.. thanking to the 1.5 years i ditched in the middle.. so, doesn’t really matter what i am doing.. just feels good to be a part of something..

    ps. you have a great blog as well.. keep it up!

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