Microsoft Origami : The real story..

March 6, 2006

As Microsoft drags out its corny teaser campaign, it is pretty much apparent that the Origami project is merely an “ultra-mobile PC” with limited game and entertainment functionality. The gaming community was rocked by the term limited “game and entertainment functionality” as it sounded as if Microsoft found an answer to Sony’s PSP. So, are we looking at a portable version of Xbox? Apparently not.

As unofficial reports have already broken about what the Origami can and cannot do. Associated Press ran an report stating that Origami is PDA like device which is slightly bigger than other such devices, which is aimed at “tech-savvy consumers” who wants a smaller computer that is easy to take on a vacation.

Sources suggest that this new device will feature a touch-sensitive screen a la Microsoft’s tablet PC line, will be powered by Windows XP, and will be priced lower than most full-size laptops, ranging from around $500 to $1,000. The AP article says that Origami is no portable version of Xbox, nor is a music player designed to take on Apple Computer Inc’s mega popular iPod. As the articles suggested, the Origami will be “less powerfull” than full-fledged PCs, and won’t have “advanced” entertainment capabilities. But the article also somewhat contradicts itself by quoting that the Origami is expected to “play movies”, presumably on DVD, meaning that the device could have enough processing and graphics power to play slightly older PC game that don’t require fancy GPUs.

Well, it maybe a corny advertising scheme, but it sure got me interested! Here is the controversial leaked picture of the Origami, exclusively from

for futher info you can check the CNet article here.


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