And the losers are..

March 6, 2006

So, the Oscar fever finally concludes (kinda) as ‘Crash’ registered itself as the best film, upsetting the gay romance ‘Brokeback Mountain’ in the otherwise pretty much predictable Oscar Ceremony. Phillip Seymour Hoffman made his mark as the best actor while Reese Witherspoon quite deservingly registered herself as the best actress for ‘Walk the Line’ (luved that movie). I loved ‘Walk of the Penguins’ and was delighted to see it among the list of winners. So, there go the things that are topping the list, so what about the people who are in the bottom? That’s why the Razzies is around, right? To mock the worst of the year, that is. So who are the losers this year? For those who are yet know, Jenny McCarthy upstaged everything else as he won 3 Razzies. The other winners were Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, John Asher, Paris Hiltion and Rob Schneider, while ‘Dirty Love’ dominated the honors.

You can get the full list of the 26th Annual Golden Raspberry (Razzie©) Award “Winners” here.


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