A better way to surf the web..

March 3, 2006

Mozilla Firefox is arguably the best browser out there. I have been using it for around 3 years now and simply loving it. It sure has taken web experience to new heights by offering safer, faster and better ways to surf the internet than other browsers namely Internet Explorer.

getfirefox.com has provided some simple, yet beautiful explanations of what the Firefox browser can do for you and how can it change you surfing experience. Also don’t forger to check 5-minute Firefox Challenge.

One of the things I love most about Firefox is the fact that you can further enhance your browsing experience by modifying it with some rather impressive and nifty looking extensions. With the extensions firefox can be whatever you want it to be. Here are some of mine most favorite Firefox extension:

Session Saver: If you close your browser, this nifty extension will automatically save whatever tabs you had open at the time of closing. This simply gives you the freedom to pick up right from where you left off during your last browsing session.

Flashblock: Flash advertisements are, without doubt, really flashy. So they’re not only distracting, but also tend to suck up bandwidth and make pages slow to load. This extension will allow you to block ALL sorts of flash ads from loading in the browser.

Not all Flash files are evil, and at times you might want to see some Flash. In that case, you can simply disable the filter with just one click and allow trusted sites to get around the filter.

IE View: Once in a while you are going to stumble upon a site that only runs properly on IE. Should this happen, this is the extension for you. Just click the icon and Internet Explorer will open, and point to your current page for a near seamless experience. You can also set a website to “always open in IE” with this extension!

PDF Download: PDF files, which are undoubtedly useful but can be a nuisance at times if it’s on the web, as it may take ages to render in the browser. So, every time you click on a PDF file, this extension will kick in and tell me how large the PDF file is, then ask me what do I want to do with the file. It will give you several options including saving the file, viewing it normally, or viewing it as HTML (Stripping out images for faster loading). Real nifty if you are an ebook savvy like me.

Answers : Probably the extension I tend to use most! Hold down Alt (or Option on a Mac) and click on any word to get a quick definition, an up-to-the-minute reference and more from Answers.com. You don’t even need to highlight the word. Simple, fast, and really useful.

Flashgot : A must have extension if you are using Flahget as your download manager. With this extension, you can use the power of the most popular external download manager with Fierfox. FlashGot also offers a feature called Build Gallery functionality which helps you to synthetize full media galleries in one page, from serial contents previously scattered on several pages. So you get to use a easier and faster “download all” option.

Need more convincing, eh? Check out what the experts have to say:

130 Millions of downloads can’t be wrong!

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