Got a question? Let Yahoo answer it!

February 26, 2006

Yahoo! Answers
released Google Answers a while back as a paid service. It will cost you $2.50 per questions and guarantees that you will get one of its 500 researchers to answer your question within 24 hours. In answer to Google, Yahoo recently released Yahoo! Answers, which is very similar to Google Answers with some differences in features and services. For starters, its completely free!

So, the deal with Yahoo! Answers is that its free to ask questions and you can even answer questions. Yahoo realised that just because you are not a “researcher” doesn’t mean you can’t answer a question about something that you know very well.

To use Yahoo! Answers, simply log on with your Yahoo! id (or just get one incaes you don’t have one), than just type your question in the question box. Yahoo! Answers will keep your question open for two weeks. But in most cases your question will be answered pretty soon. I can assure you that becasue i asked one myself and got a reply in matter of a few minutes.

Now, here is how things get even more cool! Yahoo has included a really neat looking point system. As you sign up, you will get 100 points instantly. Each time you choose the best answer to your question you get 5 more points.. put your answer to a vote and you get another 5 points! You get points for signing in, voting for an anser or rating a best answer. If you are rated as having the best answer to a question, you get 10 points.

So, now, what are you going to do with all those hard earned points? Well, you will be promoted to higher levels (1-7) and get a “super-special yahoo! answers thank you”. mmm.. okey.. the rewards are not all that great, but every free things have limits!

Here is how the level system works: From levels 1-4 you get your level number*10 answers (ie. level 1= 10), questions and ratings. Levels 5-7 offers you unlimited numbers of questions, answers and ratings.

The point system is really interesting, but the most interestingand the most important thing about Yahoo! Answers is that it allows people to maximize their knowledge and help other people who have burning questions. You can also search for questions that has already been answerd.

The procedure is really straightforward and nice designed. So, is it better than google? I think.. it just mi8ght be..

You can access Yahoo! Answers from here.


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