Some thoughts from a certain no one..

February 25, 2006


How does one define life? I mean.. common.. what is the meaning of life anyway? Why am I going through this so called thing called life every friggin day.. why am I nourishing this organic body of mine.. providing it with indispensable substances to keep it animated..? To live another day? Or maybe a few more months.. or years? Be it another day or few more years.. gaea will get rid of my existence nonetheless and alter it into an antiquity of some sort. So, is that it? Is life all about just waiting for that so-called “judgment day” to come.. or is there something else to it.. some greater purpose, perhaps?

Talking of purposes.. when you give this issue some thought every friggin living being out there, have one basic aspiration to live.. and that is to survive. To them life is all about survival.. so what about us.. the homo sapiens..? Is life all about just survival to us..? Technically speaking.. yup! We are living to survive; survive in a tangled jungle created by us to begin with. But in our case, the difference from our fellow non human dwellers is the existence of a degree in the term “survival”. For some, the term “survival” refers to just appeasing the most basic of needs such as hunger… while for certain people this exact term goes through some interesting changes… picture all the insanely rich folks out there and you’ll get the point.

..mmm… frankly the more you think of this kind of issues the more jumbling it gets. So, the best solution is ditch these kind of *silly* contemplations and enjoy life the way it is.. whatever it is… and live yet another day for certain things.. or certain people who care about you… your existance..


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