Anonymous Web Surfing..

February 25, 2006

With all the increasing privacy issues in the internet, anonymity has become a major concern these days. published a simple tutorial to help you anonymize yourself while surfing the internet.

Anonymity is you right!

Check here for the tutorial.

The three free methods pointed in the tutorial are (1) Using a web-based proxy, (2)HTTP proxy with a browser and (3) Using Tor.

From personal experience, i’d say that using a web-based proxy is the easiest and most hassle-free way to stay anonymous for a short period of time. Although the method is easy to use and offers fast results, not all web proxies support every kinds of scripts. Plus you might not feel comfortable with it. But it offers fast results and is nevertheless, a good choice if you are looking for a hassle-free way to be anonymous.
The second method suggests you to search for usable proxies and change your browser’s network settings to function with the corresponding proxy. While this may sound a bit time consuming and may require knowledge on clients site, this method will offer a more permanent result of anonymity.

The last option suggested is using a free software called Tor, which is developed by EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation). Using this proggie will allow you to be routed to several secure encrypted Tor servers, makin it impossible to trace your whereabouts.

Happy anonymous browsing!


One Response to “Anonymous Web Surfing..”

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